Personal Injury Claims

If you are a registered member of Hockey NSW and you have suffered an injury whilst participating in an official hockey activity (including training, games or other sanctioned activities) please follow the simple steps below to lodge a Personal Injury Claim.

Please refer to the Personal Injury Summary and Policy Wording for policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Go to for full information  Personal Injury Insurance

How to lodge a Personal Injury Claim

  • Step 1: Download Hockey Australia’s Personal Injusry Clain Form 
  • for full policy details visit Honan Insurance website: 
  • Step 2: Complete each section of the claim form. Please note: Incomplete claim forms may cause delays in processing your claim. For assistance, please contact Phone: +61 03 9947 4366 Email:
  • Step 3: Submit your claim form. Claims should be lodged within 180 days from the date of injury. You do not need to wait for all treatments to be completed before sending your claim form. Treatment is permitted even after you have submitted your claim.
  • Step 4: Insurer will confirm receipt of your claim form or contact you should they require further information.