Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Registrations are open for the 2024 season

This registration page is ONLY for players and officials registering with a SEHA club which DOES NOT have it's own Hockey NSW registration portal. If your club has its own registration portal (see the list below), you can only register there; you will not see your club listed as an option if you attempt to register through this portal.

SEHA clubs with their own HNSW registration portals: (click to go to their portals)

Bankstown Sports  EastCoast Dolphins
Bentstix Glebe
Briars St George-Randwick


For all other SEHA clubs, please register below.                    

Click here for step by step instructions

Register or Renew

If you are new to Hockey, or are coming back and have not registered since before 2017, you will need to use the Register function.  If you have registered since 2017, you must use the Renew function - DO NOT use the register function.  If you don't remember your log-in details, use the "Forgot password" tool.

When registering, please ensure that you select the correct club, and the correct registration type.  The fees you will pay using this portal are ONLY your compulsory Hockey NSW fees and the SEHA administration fee.

Your club will most likely have fees that are payable (to them) in addition to the fees you will pay now.  

The compulsory Hockey NSW fees, include: a Hockey Australia levy; your state registration fee; and your insurances; and the SEHA administration fee, This fee covers the cost of our affiliation with Hockey NSW, activities administering competitions; representative teams; development; and other general association administration. 

Your  Registration Fee comprises Hockey Australia + Hockey NSW + SEHA registration fee components and transaction fee. The fees below are for full year registration for all of 2024:  

Term 1 registration

This is a registration option where you can be registered until 31/03/2024 only.  If you choose you can upgrade to full-year membership later, only the difference in fees will be charged. These fees range from $19.27 for 8 and Under to $78.81 for Adult Membership. Term 1 membership is not available for Officials and Umpires. 

Active Kids Program
SEHA is registered as a provider under the NSW Active Kids Program.  You can redeem your $50 voucher during the registration process here.  


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