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Sydney East Hockey Association (SEHA) Rep Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What age group should I nominate for?

A. Hockey age groups are based on the players age on the 1st Janaury in the year in question. This means all players born in a paarticular year are eligible for an age group (regardless of when their birthday is). The relevant birth years for the age groups in 2024 are below:


2024 age groups
Age Group Birth Year
U/18 2006 & 2007
U/16 2008 & 2009
U/14 2010 & 2011
U/12 2012, 2013 & 2014

*SEHA recommends that players who are turning 10, 11 and 12 in 2024 are ideally suited to U/12.  

Q. When is training for my team?

A. There is a training schedule published at the end of this page, and on the Rep Program page. This is the most up to date information available to SEHA. If you team manager advises you a different time or location to this schedule, please refer to your team manager as their information is likely more up to date. 

Q. Why can't I log in with my 2023 account details or reset my password?

A. The Hockey NSW system resets in January each year. Last years log in becomes invaild and you cannot successfully log in. Access to log in will be restored, per your previous credentials once you have registered with  your SEHA club for 2024. 

Q. Do I need to wait to register with my club to nominate for SEHA Rep trials?

A. No you do not. You can register with your club later.  

Q. What is the cost of nominating for SEHA rep trials?

A. The rep trial fee is $17.50 ($15.55 plus transaction fees) and includes attending both trials across the two weekends. This covers SEHA's costs for hiring the field. When nominating for the trials using the SEHA registration form, this payment is processed by the SEHA Revolutionise payment platform.  If you have questions or concerns about the fees as they relate to you individual circumstances, and would like to discuss them confidentially please contact 

Q. How does the nomination and selection process work?

A. SEHA will provide an opportunity for players who qualify to represent SEHA in each age group to nominate for selection. Once you have nominated, you attend the trials for your age group and this trial is where selections take place.

Q. When are the junior field team rep trials in 2024?

A. The full details are listed on Rep Programs section of the SEHA website under the 2024 Junior Field Rep Nominations & Trials page.


Q. What about Open Reps, Masters Reps and Indoor Reps teams?

A. SEHA will provide the SEHA community with notice of the nominations process kicking off for these groups in advance of the teams being required to be formed. Typically, Opens is in March/April, Masters in February/March and Indoor in August/September each year. Keep and eye out on the SEHA Rep Program website for all details will be posted there first.


Q. What do selectors look for at the trials when selecting teams?

A. Players will be selected based on merit of performance with the following five pillars of selection criteria:

• Technical skill and ability

• Physical conditioning

• Tactical positional /Game Awareness

• Teamwork

• Self-awareness and mental toughness (conduct values and behaviours)

Q. How many players are in each team?

A. SEHA targets selecting 14 players in a field team and 9 players in an indoor team. This does not mean that there may not be one or two more or one less player selected if the circumstances require it. SEHA will also attempt to form a “2nd” team for the season if State Championship entry can be secured and/or player number allow it, as it views the development of all players as a major objective of the rep program. This team will play all the same championships and carnivals as the “1st” team.

Q. Can a junior player play in more than one age group?

A. Junior players can nominate and trial for one age group above their own in addition to their own age group (players that are younger than the year of birth detailed in the previous question). Selections for these “under-age” players are dictated by the above selection criteria, but also by the SEHA Representative Policy, which outlines the circumstances these players can be selected. Players who are below the HNSW age categories for a particular championship will need to complete a HNSW age waiver.

Q. What level of commitment is required to play SEHA Reps?

A. If you are selected you are expected to attend rep training sessions and the tournament. All age groups except U/11 play state championships at a date and place decided by Hockey NSW. All age groups except U/18 play carnivals in the lead up to their state championships. U/12 only play in development carnivals, the culmination of which is the Kim Small Shield (u11Girls) and York Cup (u11Boys) development carnival in Tamworth in July each year. The full details of each age group’s commitments for 2024 can be found on the SEHA Rep program website on the 2024 Rep Season page. 

Q. Is there training?

A. For junior rep age groups, yes. Training is arranged by the coach and manager of the team at fields within the SEHA region. These will be advised as soon as possible after the announcement of teams, but it can take a week or two to obtain suitable bookings. Typically, these training sessions are on Sunday morning or late afternoon depending on the age group, depending on players commitments at certain ages (club competitions for example) and the availability of fields. Training generally takes place over 4 - 6 1.5 to 2-hour sessions across the season. It is expected that all players will attempt to attend all training sessions. There is typically no training for open reps, but this is due to a general lack of availability of the players and can be arranged if requested.

Q. What happens if I can’t play at one of the carnivals or state championships?

A. SEHA will prioritise selection of players who are available for the state championships for the age group or the Tamworth carnival for U/12. These events are the culmination of the year and the development objectives of the program are focused on these events. If you are unavailable for certain carnivals, this may be manageable, but is not ideal and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. To be fair to all players, we ask that you make SEHA Reps aware of any conflicts you have as early as possible, and to avoid planning family activities on these dates if you decide to commit.

Q. Is there a cost to play SEHA Reps?

A. Yes. SEHA seeks only to recoup the costs it incurs in the fielding of each team. Costs include Hockey NSW Fees, training, umpiring, carnival entry fees, photography and training equipment costs. In 2023 costs ranged (per player) from $140 for U/11, to $230 for age groups that play multiple carnivals and state championships. The 2024 fees will be known once final team numbers and costs are known in late March. Each player will need to recomplete a registration form (link will be provided when you are named in the team) to accept the position in the team, which will then request you pay the rep fee. This registration should be completed as soon as possible after you are named in the team. SEHA has the discretion to provide special consideration to reduce fees, or agree to payment plans under certain circumstances. Any request should be directed to the SEHA Rep Committee via and will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Q. What happens if not enough players nominate for a team?

A. In this case, SEHA will not be able to enter a team. Players would then be given permission to seek a place with another association. For junior field rep teams this is unlikely. In past years SEHA has been successful at fielding at least one team in every junior age group, even two in more recent years. If there are only enough players for one team, a trial would not necessarily be held – but this will be judged by the SEHA Rep committee on a case-by-case basis, and nominees will be advised in plenty of time if a trial is cancelled. Unless you hear otherwise, you should always attend the trials as advised.

Q. What happens if I can’t attend trials?

A. Players who do not attend trials are required to seek a formal exemption from SEHA. Exemptions will only be given under certain circumstances, which are explained in the SEHA Representative Policy. Players who do not attend trials without an exemption will not be considered for selection, nor will they be eligible to play for another association. Players who are available to play but did not attend trials may be added to a SEHA team if a suitable position is available once all trialling players are placed in a team. Exemptions can be sought by contacting the SEHA rep committee on

Q. Will I be disadvantaged if I only attend one trial?

SEHA selectors will attempt to assess all players who trial as fairly as possible. This includes players who only attend one of the scheduled trials. It goes without saying the more opportunity a player has to be seen by the selectors, the more opportunity they will have to impress.

Q. Who are the selectors?

A. SEHA attempts to secure high quality selectors for each age group in accordance with the SEHA Representative Policy. This includes selectors who have experience with the age group if possible. SEHA can only secure selectors who nominate and make themselves available to assist, and we encourage all individuals who have capability in this area to nominate.

Q. When will we find out who is coaching the teams?

A. SEHA would ideally like to appoint coaches to teams prior to the trials so they can be one of the selection panel. If this is the case, trialling players will be informed of this at the start of the trial. This may not be possible in all circumstances, due to insufficient suitable nominations or other considerations. Players and their families will be kept in touch with progress if an announcement is delayed.









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