2024 Rep Fees

SEHA Rep Playing Fee payment process


How does it work?

1. Go to relevant team event on the SEHA website using the link listed below:

U/14 girls

Team 1


Team 2


Team 3



U/14 boys

Team 1


Team 2



U/16 girls

Team 1


Team 2 


U/16 boys

Team 1


Team 2


U/12 boys

Team 1


Team 2


U/12 girls

Team 1


Team 2


U/18 boys

Team 1


U/18 girls

Team 1


The below payment links will be added as they become available

Open Women

Team 1


Team 2


Open Men

Team 1


Team 2



Masters Women - State Championships Teams

Masters Women  1 


Masters Women 2


Masters Women 3


Masters Women 4



2. Click on "attend". There will be no request for you to log in.


3. You will be prompted to enter personal details and answer the medical questions you previously completed on a paper form and returned to your team manager


4. You will be asked to review and agree with an "event waiver" - this event waiver includes the Player Code of Conduct and the Parent Code of Conduct (for junior teams) you previously completed on a paper form and returned to you team manager


5. You will be asked to make payment for the SEHA Rep Playing Fee applicable for this team. The amount that appears payable is the fee excluding transaction fees, but once the transaction fees are added the full amount advertised will be due.


6. You will receive confirmation of your registration and payment via email


Why is payment made this way?

This process
  • combines several administration tasks into one, reducing workload on SEHA volunteers - in particular team managers, but also parents.
  • removes paper forms
  • provides vital medical information about players to SEHA coaches in a more accessible format
In the past, you received an email advising you had been registered for any event and only had to make payment. Now you will need to initiate the process by registering as explained above, and once you have done so you can make payment. This process will be more similar to your club registration process (though a lot simpler).
The due date for payment is included in the event details, and will be communcated by your team manager. If you do not make payment before your state championship you will be unable to attend. If you require more time to pay, or would like to seek special consideration please email repconvenor@seha.com.au and confidential arrangements can be made, including payment plans.